Flip or Sip Lid

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The FiftyFifty Dual Lid is perfect for individuals who like options. It’s innovative design allows you to either flip open the spout for easy chugging or lift up the straw to easily sip away your favorite beverage. The inner silicone ring ensures a snug fit to the top of the bottle keeping your beverages at their optimal temperature and is removable for proper cleaning. It has an easy to hold finger grip so that you can easily carry your bottle by your side while strolling around the park. 

Compatible With:
FiftyFifty 12oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 16oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 18oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 20oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 34oz Bottle & FiftyFifty 40oz Bottle

  • Removable Silicone Ring
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Wide-Mouth Design